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Picks for 18th Jan 07

Posted by rantaboutit on January 18, 2007

Cheap bargains are the best stocks to buy. I normally pick up oversold stocks who are fundamentally strong along with good EPS, P/E, Market Capital, PEG, Revenue growth and overall analyst recommendation.

I am betting on tech sector stocks which might be a bit risky considering the current trend.

My picks for 18th Jan are,

  1. COGT – Sector: Technology > Industry: Computer Services
  2. DIVX – Sector: Technology > Industry: Software & Programming
  3. FLEX – Sector: Technology > Industry: Semiconductors
  4. SMOD – Sector: Technology > Industry: Semiconductors
  5. ZQK – Sector: Consumer Cyclical > Industry: Apparel/Accessories
With oil prices going up, metal prices saw some positive numbers too. Too early to jump into metal stocks yet, but we might see a good rally. Keep an eye on GG, HL, AUYand NXG

I also wanted to give my value stock recommendations. These are stocks that are not for day-trader but for long term investors. You might see some downward swing for a while but these stocks will go higher and higher in the longer run. Value stocks: IM (will be having their earnings report on 15th Feb) and MU

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How Did They Perform !!

Posted by rantaboutit on January 18, 2007

An amazing reversal of roles from yesterday. Energy sector made an upward movement where as the Technology and Transportation sector saw a downslide. Stocks closed lower today as mixed earnings and economic data left investors questioning valuations and earnings prospects, especially in the Technology sector.

Intel INTC was leading the downward slant in the early morning after posting a not so-good earnings and bringing the others along with it. Cisco Systems CSCO also had another bad run dropping by 3.78%

Fed’s report released today showed inflation in control with modest pace growth. Oil prices were also the focus among investors yet again. Cold weather forecasts have renewed enthusiasm to buy the commodity which lead to oil closing higher than previous day.

ANSW +0.08 (0.66%)
CBK +0.15 (0.73%)
LQDT +0.09 (0.50%)
NEXT -0.25 (-2.18%)
STST -0.15 (-0.69%)
WIT +0.66 (3.86%)

Net Gain of +2.88%

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Picks for 17th Jan 07

Posted by rantaboutit on January 17, 2007

After the 3-day break, the stocks didnt move either way as expected. Energy sector took a beating amid another sell-off in oil, where as Health Care and Transportation sector saw some upswing.

Investors were worried that the recent rally in Technology sector may not live up to the earnings expectations that have been priced into the sector over the last few months. Among noteworthy, Symantec SYMC dropped13% and Cisco CSCO lost plunged 3%

Oil prices dived 3.4% to 19-month lows after Saudi Arabia’s oil minister surprisingly denounced the need for an emergency OPEC meeting and further production cuts.

My picks for 17th Jan are

  1. ANSW (This one has been over-sold and shorts have won. But it has reached its bottom and i expect to see upward swing). Sector: Technology > Industry: Computer Services
  2. CBK (EPS = 1.02, P/E = 19.92, PEG = 0.94, upgraded to outperform rating) – With such numbers you got to love this one. Sector: Services > Industry: Retail (Apparel)
  3. LQDT (EPS = 0.31, P/E = 59.05, PEG = 1.17, Analyst Recommendation = 1.9) – Higher P/E is offset by excellent PEG. This one is a long term keeper. With prices dropping today it is an excellent buy for tomorrow. Sector: Services > Industry: Retail (Catalog & Mail Order)
  4. NEXT (EPS = 0.54, P/E = 21.40, PEG = 1.16, Analyst Recommendation = 1.5) – Low volume trading but nonetheless excellent number. Sector: Technology > Industry: Semiconductors
  5. STST (EPS = 0.87, P/E = 25.06, PEG = 1.23, Analyst Recommendation = 1.8) – The stats speak for themselves. Keep on getting alot of contracts. Sector: Capital Goods > Industry: Aerospace & Defense
  6. WIT (They are coming out with their earnings tomorrow they are going to be excellent) Sector: Technology > Industry: Computer Services

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