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Google Powers Podcasting Ads Growth

Posted by rantaboutit on February 21, 2007

Google powers podcasting ads growth
Podcasting advertising revenues are expected to rise five folds in the next five years. That would mean marketers will spend $400 million dollars on podcasts in 2011, which would be only 2% of spending expected this year in the interactive ad market. Analysts expect Google GOOG to develop an audio version of AdSense which would allow any podcast producer to include ads in their shows.

Rant: Audio ads can be sometimes really annoying for the podcast listeners. Google and podcast producers need to be cautious not to overwhelm the listeners with too much ads or it could turn against them.

Bernanke’s message to investors
Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke recently relieved the investors by stating that he was upbeat about the economic growth and sees signs of slowing inflation and stabilizing housing sector.

The labor market is a key area of concern: a low unemployment rate and difficulty finding qualified workers have resulted in higher wages, but he said increasing productivity and narrowing profit margins could help offset labor costs. He called recent pressures in the subprime mortgage market a significant concern but said they wouldn’t harm the overall economy. The Fed cut its forecast for GDP growth from 3% to 2.5%, forecast 2% core inflation and 4.5% unemployment.

Rant: Inflation is the key concern for the Feds. If the inflation doesnt slow down, Feds might have to increase the interest rates furthur.

Starbucks to buy more coffee
East Africa is the birthplace of coffee and the origin of some of the finest coffees in the world. East African growers account for about half of the world’s specialty coffee. Most coffee growers in Africa live in poverty.
Starbucks SBUX has stated that they are planning on doubling their purchases of coffee from East Africa. Six percent of the coffee purchased by Starbucks comes from Africa. They have also agreed to establish a farmer support center to help farmers improve coffee quality and improve yields and prices. Starbucks also said it would help small-scale coffee producers by providing $1 million in micro finance loans.

The announcement comes amid a dispute between Starbucks Corp. and the Ethiopian government, which wants to trademark the names of three coffees produced in the country.

Rant: Is Starbucks exploiting African coffee growers ? Or are they supporting their right to fair trade ? This is an open question i would like someone to answer…

Global EFT
Most EFTs are currently overbought, with Mexico EWW and Malaysia EWM trading at theoretical highs. India IFN, on the other hand, is currently slightly oversold.

Rant: EFTs is the latest thing to hit the world. Naturally with their obvious advantages they have become everyones favorite. But is the recent buying spree justified ?

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