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Are You in Sync with Ford ?

Posted by rantaboutit on March 4, 2007

The entire auto industry year-to-year sales dropped 0.5%. The total market share of the U.S. Top 3 fell to 54% from 56.6%, where as Asian automakers up their share from 37% to 39.4%.

Facts: Vehicle Sales Year to Year

Asian Top 3 -> Toyota (TM) = +12%, Honda (HMC) = +3.2%, Nissan (NSANY) = +1.2%
US Top 3 -> General Motors (GM) = + 3.4%, DaimlerChrysler (DCX) = -7.7%, Ford Motor (F) = – 13%

General Motors was the only US Top 3 with positive sales of +3.4% helped by a strong launch of their redesigned models. General Motors managed to increase its market share 1% to 24.6% total. On the other hand Ford Motors lost -13% in sales. Toyota Motor sales were in double digits.

Ford to Sync
Research shows consumers are picking brands with strong records for quality and technical innovation. Ford has decided to respond to this research. Ford will work with Microsoft (MSFT) to develop a built-in audio system called Sync for 12 of Ford’s models. Features include in-car communications and entertainment system that is designed to change the way consumers use music players and mobile phones in their vehicles. Users can access their digital music player or mobile phone using voice commands or the vehicle’s steering wheel or radio controls. Add to that names and numbers in a mobile phone’s address book can be wirelessly and automatically transferred to the vehicle. Sync can host nearly any digital media player, including the Apple iPod, Microsoft Zune, PlaysForSure players and most USB storage devices.

Conclusion: As you can see the 5 day auto-manufacturing industry is down. Investing in US automakers isnt the smartest thing in 2007 except for General Motors who were able to turn things around. What remains to see is can Ford do the same ? Asian automakers in contrast are having a good year.

Recommendation: Ford is going through a bad phase. They reported a loss of $ 17 billion last year. Operational costs, job losses, global competition resulted in a sales drop of -13%. Their EPS stands at -3.29 and weak analyst recommendation. Ford Motor is trying to resurrect themselves by loading their models with fancy gadgets. Is this going to help auto sales ? I dont think so ? Keep away…

(Source: Ford, Yahoo)

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