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Apple iPhone…simply amazing…

Posted by rantaboutit on January 10, 2007

Analyst predicted that, Apple (AAPL) will go down in 2007. They cannot ride on the iPod success all day long. Apple released iPhone today and the stock price rose 8%. This surely will shut them up.

iPhone is a mobile phone that plays iTunes and surfs the Web and priced between 500/600$…hmm a bit pricy, dont you think ? Lets find out if it is worth the price…

The phone is rectangular in shape, and the entire front surface is a touch screen. All of its functions are activated by touch, but when you bring your iPhone to your face, a proximity sensor will turn off the touchscreen so you don’t accidentally face dial. The phone has an inbuilt Mac OS X, will be able to download and play both music and movies with memory size of 8 gigs. The web-browsing capabilities is excellent. Apple will offer free push e-mail service from Yahoo (YHOO). The iPhone will operate on the GSM protocol, and will have 3-G broadband soon. Now what do you think ? Is it worth the price ? Hell ya…

Interesting Facts:

  • Cingular Wireless, a unit of AT&T (T) will be the sole US partner for Apple. Stock prices of AT&T were up and i recommend investors to consider buying it at an appropriate price because of this exclusive multiyear agreement.
  • This is bad news for BlackBerry maker Research in Motion (RIMM). Stock prices were down around 8%.

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