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Posted by rantaboutit on February 15, 2007

For a change i wanted to get hold of some interesting buzz going around the town. Here is what i found and by the way Happy Commercialized Valentine Day !!

Low Oil Prices = Production Cut

Saudi Arabian Oil Minister said that if oil prices hold there will be no need for further production cuts when OPEC meets next. But neither would he be surprised to see a different situation than what he sees now. Saudi Arabia’s current production stands at 8.5-8.6 million barrels/day. OPEC members supply about 40% of the world’s oil. Saudi Arabia still plans to increase its capacity by end-2009, saying the world will need all the energy it can generate over the next 30 years, including alternative sources.

Yahoo Mobile Apps
Yahoo YHOO is rolling out its mobile ad services in 18 international markets and has signed on major advertisers in doing so. The company also plans to offer several new features for its mobile applications including searches directly from Yahoo Maps and the ability to share specified content with friends. It has already been downloaded by 400,000 mobile users.

NYSE/EuroNext Merger
Derivatives are the reason for the successful performance of Intercontinental Exchange, Inc. ICE, Chicago Mercantile Exchange Holdings CME and others. Now with the merger of EuroNext and NYSE NYX, NYSE will be a place to trade such derivatives, on top of being the largest equity trading platform in the world. (Source: Seeking Alpha)

China Trade Surplus
China’s trade surplus grew 65% to $15.9 billion, the fifth highest growth rate on record, as exports increased 33% to $86.6b, the fastest growth rate in 17 months. Imports grew by 27.5% to $70.7 billion, while GDP grew 10.7%, the fastest rate in 11 years, as foreign reserves exceeded $1 trillion.

Gold ETFs in India
Several new gold ETF’s will be launched in India this month. With the popularity and appreciation for gold in India, the ETFs will be a super hot deal. Considering the population of India, their improving economic conditions and love for gold could lead to upward movement on the price of gold.

Argentina: A Worrisome Market
Similar problems can arise in Argentina as it occured in 2001, that is the inflation rate is going out of control and actually beating the growth which is standing around 7%. The trend is not being contained and there are no policies in place. This could be a scary place to invest. Here you can find an interesting related article.

Vista Sales Sky High
Sales of PCs at U.S. retailers in the week ended Feb 3rd were 67% higher year-over-year and increased 173% week-over-week. Two key findings are consumers prefer Windows Vista Home Premium to Vista Home Basic and Hewlett-Packard is dominating sales. Watch out for Microsoft MSFT, Dell DELL, Hewlett-Packard HPQ, Gateway GTW (Source: Current Analysis)

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